PRIYO in partnership with Yakhi’phupha are a social enterprises that provide real innovative opportunities by using technology to bridge the gap of lack of access to technology in underprivileged communities as to inspire and innovate young people to dream and access the world beyond their boundaries.

PRIYO is an award winning organisation in the Buffalo City Municipality (/Mdantsane Heroes award) 2016 with its Executive Chairperson and Managing Director Palesa Mahlatji winning in the Young person of the year category. This serves as proof of their dedication to changing lives of young people and removing the stereotype that young people are incapable of being catalysts of change in their communities.

PRIYO was established in 2015 for the purpose of redressing the problem of skills shortage and unemployment, which has given rise to numerous problems such as poverty, substance abuse and crime.

Unemployment is a serious issue in South Africa and unfortunately the unskilled become left behind in the competitive environment of the job market. As they lack the necessary qualifications and experience that will help them secure a job. PRIYO wants to turn this problem into a solution by establishing in-house programmes that offer young people skills while providing them an opportunity to create a sustainable income and grow the local economy.

PRIYOs executive director Palesa Mahlatji has vast knowledge of working with NPO’S, corporate banking, retailing, marketing, Business Management,Information Technology, arts and culture, and educational training.

This organisation aims to give a concrete possibility of social and economic empowerment to the adults of tomorrow and their families.

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